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Hasrat’ brings to life these unique handcrafted jewelry pieces, 

inspired from the Indian subcontinent with hints from the past and 

adorned with traditional motifs.

A perfect union of traditional craft with modern-day aesthetics,

our silver and gold plated jewels retain the lost glory of the classics

we all have learned to love.  


Our Journey

It was a simple idea to 'create something desirable',  
the idea flickered with the onset of a global pandemic. 
But then the need, the hunger to keep going no matter 
what, pushed through and Hasrat finally luminated.
Hope was the only thing that kept everyone going 
in 2020, Hasrat gave me that hope and also gave hope 
to the local craftsman to leave behind all the bad and 
'create something desirable'. 
The grounding ideology is to seek out the hidden 
beauty of our surroundings and magnify these traits 
through each and every piece at 'Hasrat'
What we finally created is a memoir of us, our story, 
and an ode to our roots. Each piece at Hasrat 
unfolds a new chapter everyday.  

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Our Journey

My earliest memories take me back to the culture, tradition, 
and stories of Rajasthan. Born in Ajmer, I recollect the 'sunars' 
at work in 'Khajana gali'. The morning namaz and the local chaos 
with a mild scent of gulaab in the air. 
The city was steeped in tradition and local crafts techniques 
where I learned and then began to work with people on ground. 
Those methods are the foundation of every piece I create. 
I craved to weave my fascination through my Jewels, 
while adding a piece of those memories to them and 
‘Hasrat’ is the result of it all.  


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