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The Chandphool Hasli

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

On one fine day, Our existing client gave us a call and informed us about her wedding.We met the same day and discussing to set her complete trousseau. The emphasis was to focus and create a similar trousseau which her nani curated for her mother when she married 40 years ago and yet make it match the needs of current times. For wedding day neckpiece we decided to move from the conventional layered necklaces to one single bold statement piece and started the hunt for it. Coming from a Rajput background in many of the pictures we saw her nani wearing a 'Hasli' and in one even her mother and we came to a conclusion soon. Rather to change the aesthetics for it we decided to stick to it the way it is and follow the traditional techinique of ‘Jadayi’ - the process of gem setting by inserting a gold foil between the stones and their mount. Diamond, sapphire, emerald and ruby are the stones commonly used. To provide depth and refraction, a piece of silver foil is placed under the stones, making them gleam. These are heated and placed on the lac, after which, pieces of 24 carat gold foil (made soft and malleable by hammering) are set into the sides of the gemstones till they grip on tightly. Thus our 'Chandphool' Hasli came to life.

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