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The beauty of of "Gulabi Sarso" necklace... At the heart of the necklace rests a resplendent ruby, carefully chosen to mirror the deep, passionate hue of the monsoon blooms. Just as the rains breathe life into the earth, this central ruby symbolizes vitality and rejuvenation. Its crimson glow is a testament to the rich abundance of the monsoon, and it stands as a focal point that draws the eye and captures the heart.
Surrounding the ruby are delicate petals, meticulously crafted from rose gold and adorned with an array of precious gemstones. Like the rain-kissed flowers of the Indian subcontinent, these petals are an ode to the ephemeral beauty that graces the land during the monsoon. The soft curves of each petal evoke a sense of movement, as if they are caught in a gentle breeze, celebrating the dance of life that the rains bring.

Gulabi Sarso~ necklace

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